30 Birdy Holiday Gift Ideas


Selecting special holiday gifts for friends and family members is (almost) always a delightful experience. For me, this proves to be doubly true when choosing gifts for the bird lovers in my life. Why? Because I know exactly what will tickle their feathered fancies.

However, when it comes to buying a meaningful gift for the cyclists or antique car enthusiasts in my life – I am STUMPED! As a mildly creative person, I, ultimately, figure out something; but it doesn’t mean that, when the time comes, I don’t hand over the gift with an unfortunate dose of reluctance.  While they always say they like the present (who wouldn’t?), the unsettling uncertainty that accompanies the whole experience leaves me feeling downright icky. And that is, precisely, why I created this helpful, stress-reducing list…

So, if you are someone who is seeking gift giving ideas for the bird lover in your life, then the list below is for you!  If there is an experienced birder in your life who appears to have it all, perhaps this list will spark a new idea. And, if you are a birder yourself, who’d like to drop a hint to the lovely, yet clueless, as-of-yet-non-birder in your life, then the “Share and Enjoy” function at the bottom of this post should come in mighty handy.

Over the next week, I will be posting a total of 30 gift ideas for bird lovers of all sorts… Stay posted!!

Be sure to check back daily, so you don’t miss out on the greatest gift ideas for birders this holiday season!




1. A WINTER BIRDING HAT The holiday season arrives as the coldest part of winter advances, which means that this is a great season to buy a birding gift that will serve to keep your favorite birder warm throughout his or her winter birding adventures. These Faux Fur Hats by Restoration Hardware are perfect for keeping any animal-lover warm in the field.  They even have versions for children at Baby & Child Restoration Hardware (On Sale Now)! The perfect excuse for a Mommy/Daddy & me birding adventure!

Luxe Faux Fur Russian Ushanka Hat, Restoration Hardware
Check out this picture of me birding last weekend with my super warm faux fur hat! L.O.V.E.

2. A BOTTLE TO BE REMEMBERED Living in California certainly has its perks.  The birds, the weather and… the wine, of course! At a recent Audubon event, in Venice Beach, I was reminded of all three. An impressive showing of bird lovers gathered at an art gallery on this particularly pleasant autumn evening.  We listened to a charismatic and engaging James Currie share tales of his birdwatching adventures over glasses of Three Hoots Wine. I remember thinking, “Does life get any better than this?”

Three Hoots Wines

That night, I was introduced to the Three Hoots, a wine label which grew from a collaboration between Davis & Dyke Winery and Audubon, in order to offer wine made from sustainably farmed grapes.  I came to learn some lovely facts about the group, based out of Saint Helena, California, and its commitment to nature.  Not only are Barn Owls embraced as an ally in sustainable farming and winegrowing efforts at Three Hoots, but the group created a cause marketing campaign where 5% of the net revenue is donated to Audubon in order to support awareness for Audubon’s mission.

Learn how winegrowers, with a vision toward sustainability, have found a natural ally in the Barn Owl. AMAZING!

Three Hoots Winery Holiday Gift Box

Three Hoots’ delicious wine is created from the extraordinary harvest of Napa Valley’s finest vineyards. These wines would make an excellent gift for a host or hostess. If the recipient is a birder, it will, undoubtedly, touch his or her heart; and, if the giver is the bird lover, then that is one bottle that will certainly be remembered and stand out amongst the others!

And, if the special birder in your life is also a wine enthusiast, then you can always gift them a membership to the Owls Club.  I can assure you that your friends will be toasting to you – their favorite birder – as they enjoy their delectable wine.

3. BIRDS OF A FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER If you’ve read our other blogs, then you’d know that Michelle and I are huge proponents of family-style birding (Check out #9!). The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game is another great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones learning about what we all love: birds! Yes, this trivia game from Outset Media is fun, interactive and educational; but, most importantly, it is a fantastic way to gather and enjoy some unforgettable moments as a family this holiday season.

The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game

4. A BIRDING APP SHOPPING SPREE With so many magnificent birding applications available, why not give the birder in your life some ‘gelt’ with which to purchase them. An itunes gift card will allow your favorite bird enthusiast to add the app of their choice to their technological birding arsenal. Did I really just use that phrase? Wow!

The ibird Pro Backyard Plus. One of MANY fantastic birding apps out there!

5. BRING YOUR PHOTOS TO LIFE Not all presents need to be store bought.  In fact, there is something so beautiful about receiving a gift carefully crafted by someone you love.  If you are looking for a way to infuse a homemade quality into your holiday gift, while not gifting yourself a ton of work or financial burden, then a Bird Photo Book is the perfect option! Whether you are an amateur shutterbug, or an experienced bird photographer, a personalized photo book for family and friends is a wonderful way to share your art and passion with those who love you. Not feeling the whole photo book idea? You can always take one of your all-time favorite photos and create a personalized and thoughtful gift.  From playing cards and mouse pads to coffee mugs and tree ornaments, there are a number of gifts (large and small) that require minimal effort and impart tremendous consideration.


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