Gifts For The Little Chickadees

24. POLLY PAJAMAS I’m a bit partial to holiday pajama sets. Let me explain…   Every holiday season, for as long as I can remember, my grandma Pola would make Michelle and I, and every one of our cousins (and there are A LOT of us!), a matching pajama set. The pattern and style was different each year. Grandma Pola made every single one of them by hand.  We unwrapped our gifts and immediately hopped into our PJs. Then, we would gather around our grandmother and take a precious family photo.  As my grandmother is no longer with us, these pajama pictures are something that we will continue to treasure for the rest of our lives…

When I stumbled upon this Polly Kids Classic Stretch PJ set from Bed Head Pajamas, I knew it had to be my #1 gift pick for young birders. You, too, can fly your little chickadee back to the nest (after a keepsake photo, of course) wearing these cozy, charming pajamas.

If your first thought was, “why don’t these come in my size?” then we are totally on the same page! Not to worry, they have them for adults, too! See below for the adult version of this adorable PJ set.  In fact, they have the pattern in both a Polly Sateen and a Classic Stretch. Nice!

Certainly, it is unlikely that your bird loving friend or family member already has these, so it could be the answer to your gift search.

Even the folks at People Magazine think Polly Pajamas would make a fantastic gift!

25. A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD US… that there is such a thing as Birding Summer Camp!  I know that it is tough to think about summer camp when we are right in the middle of winter, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about presenting your children with the birdiest opportunity of a lifetime. The Audubon and ABA websites are a great place to start on your search for the perfect birding summer camp experience.  I only wish there were sessions for adults, too!  A chance to hang out with new birds and new bird-loving friends… um, yea, I’m in!

26.  FOR THE LOVE OF BIRDS Expose your tiny chickadees to the love of birds and nature with the National Geographic Readers Series.  There are so many entertaining and educational options out there.  Why not gift your future birder with something that is sure to get the bird-loving wheels turning?!?

National Geographic Readers Series: Penguins!

27. FOR THE FLEDGELINGS Who doesn’t love a stuffed animal? Especially a plush bird that makes authentic sounds… I mean, really?

Wild Republic offers a a series of realistic plush birds that are licensed by Audubon. With all of the authentic sounds recorded by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, your future birders will be birding by ear in no time!

Check out Audubon’s collection of plush bird toys.  From Snowy Owls and Pileated Woodpeckers to California Quails and American Goldfinches, how can you resist a little chickadee for your little chickadee?

28. IT’S IN THE BANK! I don’t know about you, but I still have my first piggy bank. People, there is a reason that this early childhood gift is a classic.  I only wish that mine had been one that looked more like this stunning Silver Bird Bank and not the eyesore I was kindly given (a multi-colored ceramic pig, to be exact).  Did I mention that this jewel can be personalized? What a great way to create a lasting memento!

Silver Bird Bank, Pottery Barn Kids

29. BIRD-OPOLY! Yup, this does exist!  I could hardly believe it myself the first time I saw it. I have shared my love for family-style board games in previous posts, and considering traditional Monopoly is one of my favorites, you can only imagine how excited I am about this one!


BIRD-OPOLY is a game based on our feathered friends, featuring rare birds, backyard classics and great North American species.  With the structure of a conventional board game and the added magic of our feathered friends, this bird-themed property trading game is a fantastic gift for any birder in training!  Please note: if you’d like to play against me, you’ll have to fight me for the earthworm game piece – I called it first!

30. THE GREATEST GIFT ON EARTH (And better yet, it’s FREE!) Uh huh, that’s right.  The greatest gift you could possibly give the future bird lover in your life on this holiday – and always – is 100% free!!

Spend some of your time off over the holidays enjoying a nature hike or bird walk with your family and friends. Enjoy some hot cocoa and smores overlooking your backyard feeders, or set up your first backyard feeder together, and see what swings by your front porch. It costs nothing and means everything!

If there is anything you take away from these 30 Birdy Holiday Gifts of ours, please let it be this last one…  and spend some time with those you love most enjoying life’s greatest gift: nature!

 Happy Holidays and Happy Birding!

Danielle & Michelle


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