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Life. It just got more colorful

Danielle's Bio...

Life. It just got more colorful Upon completing her B.A. in Government from Dartmouth College, Danielle pursued her dream of attending culinary school. Her enthusiasm for beautiful produce is matched only by her love for birds (Okay, so maybe birds excite her a bit more!). When not birding, working, or sorting through vegetables at the farmer's market, you are likely to find her at the gym with her husband, Jonathan, diligently practicing her Italian, planning her next adventure, or playing with her precious Rat Terrier pup, Nala.

A budding nature photographer, aspiring painter, trained chef, impassioned writer — for all intents and purposes, Danielle is a romantic. You can frequently find her cooking up a storm while staring at all the birds at her feeder just outside her kitchen window. As much as she likes urban life, nothing brings her greater joy than getting outside of the city enjoying quiet and tranquil surroundings. Her favorite days are spent one of two ways: In a bird watching hide observing birds galore with camera equipment in hand; or on her couch near the fireplace enjoying the rhythms of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra along with a glass of wine.

Her love for birds permeates many facets of her life. Whether it is her bird patterned bedding, complete with stunning 18th century bird illustrations, the binoculars that go wherever she does (just in case!), or the silly Cardinal patterned socks she wears, her passion shines through constantly. With so many exotic and alluring birds in the world, Danielle finds it nearly impossible to select just one favorite. Relatively widespread, yet abound with grandeur and majesty, the Great Blue Heron never ceases to intrigue her.

While Danielle mainly loves photographing birds, she is often inspired by beautiful scenery and drawn to insects, flowers, fungus and agriculture as well. For her bird photographs, she uses Canon gear, currently an EOS 50D body and a 70mm-200mm 2.8 lens, with extenders when needed. If you would like to view more of her photos, you can visit her on Flickr.

Life. It just got more colorful