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Life. It just got more colorful
Life. It just got more colorful


No one can deny the joy of listening to the beautiful song of a bird perched outside the window. At Pacific Bird and Supply Company, Inc. your source for Wild Bird Treats, our mission is to enhance and preserve wild bird populations in order to further enjoy their innate beauty. Our naturally processed, nutritious Wild Bird Treats help birds thrive during winter months and invite them to your yard all year long.

As a company that specializes in Wild Bird Treats, the quality of our products and their impact on birds are of top priority. We seek out only the healthiest, hardiest, farm-raised, pesticide-free worms and insects. Our minimally processed products contain no preservatives or binders, so birds receive more vital nutrients and usable food materials.

Our special packaging offers a clean and convenient way to provide treats. Our steaming technique cooks worms and insects in the can, retaining nutritional value, moisture, flavor and aroma. Pacific’s Wild Bird Treats™ are a great affordable alternative to live foods, without the hassle of shipping, handling or storage issues.

Wild bird enthusiasts – bird watchers, home gardeners, and bird owners alike – will benefit from our 24 different quality products, all excellent sources of nutrition for wild birds. Together, we can promote the health, vigor and song of wild birds. We can provide a source of protein year-round to encourage nesting and enhance survivability rates, while simultaneously attracting some of nature’s most beautiful creatures to your homes.

At Pacific Bird and Supply Company, we love wild birds, and we hope you do, too. Explore our site and read our blog to find out more about us.
Life. It just got more colorful