Beak of the Week: Crimson Sunbird

If you love hummingbirds, let me introduce you to sunbirds—particularly the Crimson Sunbird! Sunbirds are similar to hummingbirds in both diet and size. Eating mainly nectar, these birds only measure up to four inches long!

Crimson Sunbird

Common Name: Crimson Sunbird; Yellow-backed Sunbird; Eastern Crimson Sunbird; Goulpourah Sunbird; Scarlet-throated Sunbird; Scarlet-breasted Sunbird.

Latin Name: Aethopyga siparaja

Range: Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Phillipines, and India.

Habitat: Mainly tropical forests.

Diet: Mostly nectar, occasionally insects.

Conservation Status: Least Concern.

A splash of color!

Interesting fact: The Crimson Sunbird is the national bird of the Republic of Singapore.

Happy Birding!

Danielle + Michelle

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