Beak of the Week: California Quail

This weekend, Danielle and I will be attending the Wild Bird Feeding Industry Annual meeting and welcoming our colleagues to sunny California! We are incredibly excited to visit with some familiar faces, meet some new folks, hear some great, informative talks, do some desert birding in Palm Springs, and of course, talk birds!

California Quail
California Quail

Common Name: California Quail

Latin Name: Callipepla californica

Range:  Along the West of the United States

Habitat: Chaparral, sagebrush, oak woodlands, and foothill forests of California and the Northwest. City parks, suburban gardens and agricultural areas.

Diet: Mainly seeds.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Pair of California Quail on a Postage Stamp!

California Quail Quiz:

1.) When did the California Quail become the official state bird?

a.) 1962         b.)1931          c.)1892           d.)1985

2.) A group of California Quails is called:

a.) A flock       b.) A parliament        c.) A covey      d.) A herd

3.) The California Quail is also known as all except:

a.) Valley Quail      b.) California Partridge      c.) Catalina Quail     d.)Black-crowned Quail

Please scroll down for answers.



Happy Birding!

Michelle + Danielle






1.)  B
2.)  C
3.)  D
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