Beak of the Week: Mountain Chickadee

As all birders know, talking birds is easy! However, in a city like Los Angeles, where working in the wild bird feeding industry isn’t exactly common, people become excited and interested when introduced to our world. On a weekly basis, we receive texts, emails, calls, tweets, and the like, asking us to identify a bird that a friend’s mother’s brother’s daughter-in-law spotted. What joy!

The Mountain Chickadee is an example of a recently shared sighting…

A Mountain Chickadee perched on a branch in winter (

Common Name: Mountain Chickadee

Latin Name: Poecile gambeli

Range: Western United States and Canada

Habitat: Evergreen forests of Western mountains.

Diet: Mostly insects. Also eats seeds and nuts when available.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Don’t forget to put out your feeders–these birds are common at feeders feasting on large seed, suet, and insects!!!


Happy Birding,

Michelle + Danielle

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