The Big Year DVD

The Big Year DVD was released TODAY!


The Big Year DVD released January 31, 2012

Based on a loose adaptation of Mark Obmascik’s book The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession, the film is a heartwarming tale of three extreme birders who embark on an unexpected journey of self-discovery as they each strive to make their mark in the birding world by spotting the highest number of species in North America in a single year.

Steve Martin & Jack Black

For an extensive review of the only mainstream bird watching movie ever to be created, please read From the Blue Sky to the Silver Screen, a post written just after Michelle and I were fortunate enough to get a sneak-peak of the film.

The Pacific Bird girls at a screening of The Big Year

For additional reviews, check out 10,000 Birds and Birdchick.

Whether you saw it multiple times in theaters and can’t wait to hold a copy in your very own hands, or missed it on the big screen and have yet to relish this birdie pleasure, have no fear – The Big Year is here!

Happy Birding!

Danielle + Michelle

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